Thursday, October 30, 2008

Key West Fantasy Fest - PG13 Version

Last weekend I went down to the Florida Keys with some friends. The purpose of the trip was twofold: 1) To enjoy close-to-nature beach-camping at Bahia Honda State Park, and 2) To enjoy close-to-nude debauchery at Key West's "Fantasy Fest". Both, uh, folds, were acheived. Below, you'll find all the pictures fit to post, which is about 5% of the pictures taken by my buddies Raphael and Myles.

The first night at the fest we wore aquatic-themed costumes because a bar called the Green Parrot was having a "sea monster's ball". Karen and I were jellyfish (probably different species), and Raphael was a vampire squid.

After that, Raph and I were The Dude and Walter from The Big Lebowski. Both my jellyfish and Dude costumes got a lot of attention, but different kinds. With the jellyfish it was mostly cute women who wanted to pop the bubblewrap. With The Dude, it was mostly nerdy, male, movie buffs who wanted to quote from the film. In the future, I will be sure to design all my costumes with interactive features that appeal especially to women.

Our costumes were pretty lame compared to some of the other folks'.

Sexy pirates were popular...
Photobucket were superheroes.

The body painting on display was pretty impressive.

The Kentucky Colonel (kernel?) made an appearance.

Everyone really got into the spirit of the night.

Well, almost everyone.

Some of us had too much fun.

We even had some good conditions for windsurfing. The water was the color of bubblegum icecream.

That's it.


Andy said...

Humm... and I thought Florida was just full of old people.... Guess I was wrong!

Catapulting Aaron said...

Oh yes, the Key West Mardi Gras -- gotta love it!

Bill said...

Ah Fantasy Fest... I had an annual pilgrimage there every year for about 5 yrs in a row during my last round of singlehood back in the late 90s/2000. Rented an RV in Ft Lauderdale with a bunch of old college buddies and drove down to the festival every year!

Fun times, great pics! Though, yea most are not PG-13, especially where beads are concerned?!

Fun times!

Johnny Douglass said...

Hey you’re right. You've got to have the right costume to be really popular at a costume event. When Mom and I were about your age I had the bright idea that we should go to a Halloween party as our unpopular chubby little old lady governor and her ever present dog. I was the dog. Mom wore lots of pillows. All the young women wanted to pet me and dance with me. Mom was ignored. We went to another Halloween party the next night. We had an argument about the costume. I went as Governor Ray's dog and Mom went as "the breath of autumn". Men should always dress as a cute animal and women should dress…uhh…as little as possible.

James Douglass said...

Andy- Fantasy fest seemed to have all ages, for better or for worse.

Aaron- I think Fantasy Fest is even more exhibitionist-saturated than Mardi Gras, if that's possible. :)

Bill- An RV would be a good way to do it. Maybe next year.

Dad- Thanks for the good advice.

uglyjiber said...

NOW you're a Floridian. Popped your cherry, so to speak...

Anonymous said...

Anything goes at Fantasy Fest ( painted ladies,sheer costumes,pasties,women nudity,topless,or see thru )so if your'e looking for a sheer outfit or bikini, go to They only sell adult costumes and most of them are either sexy or sheer.

Ezetu Loveth said...

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