Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Palm Beach Mugshots Guessing Game

The Palm Beach Post has a feature where you can browse the mugshots of people who have recently been arrested and read what crimes they are accused of. It's kind of funny, sad, tragic, scary, and enlightening all at the same time. I browsed them last night and picked out some of the folks I thought were most interesting, then organized them by what they were arrested for. There are some obvious patterns, but also some surprises. See how well you can judge people at face value. Answers are at the bottom of the post.

A. What crime were these guys all taken in for?

B. What drug charge?

C. What drug charge?

D. What drug charge?

E. What do these two have in common?

F. Name the crime.

G. Which ones are accused of being muggers are which are accused of being burglars?

H. How did these cuties run afoul of the law?

I. What crime for the top row? And what crime for the bottom row?

J. Match the number to the accusation from this list:
a) Stealing cars.
b) Domestic violence.
c) Sexual assault on a child.
d) Attacking a cop.
e) Check fraud.
f) Being a pimp.
g) Cyberstalking and making death threats.
h) Helping smuggle contraband into a jail.


A. Open container laws. Apparently that's the charge they use to sweep alcoholic homeless people off the street in Palm Beach.
B. Oxycodone, a frequently abused prescription narcotic. A LOT of the folks arrested in Palm Beach are arrested for this.
C. Marijuana.
D. Cocaine.
E. Both arrested for drunk driving.
F. "Retail theft", which I guess mainly means shoplifting.
G. Top left and bottom middle = muggers. The rest = burglars. Bottom left is combo of burglary and domestic violence. Not sure how.
H. Underage drinking.
I. Trick question - Domestic violence for both rows.
J. 1) Pimp, 2) Sexual assault on a child, 3) Domestic violence, 4) Car thief, 5) Attacking cop, 6) Check fraud, 7) Smuggling contraband into a jail, 8) Cyberstalking


Catapulting Aaron said...

This is pretty creepy.

Paul Richardson said...

I love to check our local mug shots also. Scary thing for me is when I find someone who I went to high school with!