Monday, January 17, 2011

A genius idea that will make me rich beyond belief

Boy, am I smart. I just came up with an invention that will revolutionize electronic communication forever and make me a bazillionaire like the guys from Google and Facebook. It's a mostly blank screen with a yellowish background and a few orange words. The purpose? To give your face a bright, warm "monitor glow" when you're using a webcam. (It assumes you have your incoming webcam image "windowed" small enough that my bright background will be sufficiently exposed to do its work.) I've tested this side by side with a plain white screen and concluded that it makes the user look at least 50% less like an evil wizard / witch and 50% more like a romance novel hunk / heroine.


Try it for yourself at It will have an ad banner, but you can drag your webcam window over that part. Help me make this thing go viral and I might let you ride on my yacht later when I'm cruising the Med'.

PS- Note that this is MY original invention, established 17 January 2011, and if anyone tries to copy or steal it I will sue your pants off like the Winklevoss Twins.


Catherine said...

I think the announcement of the invention shows a bit of genious too.

James Douglass said...

Thanks mom.