Friday, September 7, 2007

Supernatural Experiences

Repetitive daily routines, clichéd popular culture, and confining man-made landscapes can make you feel anxious and trapped.

Fortunately, it is possible to break out of this mundane mire. Sometimes all it takes is a NATURAL experience, like going for a walk outside. Tuning in to the deeper rhythms of nature can help you transcend the petty stuff. However, if the world is really getting you down, it might take something stronger to rise above it; what I’m calling a SUPERNATURAL experience.

A supernatural experience is a natural experience, but with an extra edge of excitement and freedom. It requires not only a mental transcendence of the mundane, but a physical escape, as well. It involves defying assumed physical boundaries and doing something rare or seemingly impossible, like climbing to the top of a tree or scuba diving to the bottom of a lake.

Creative folks have found many routes to supernatural experiences. The video below shows how a guy named Frank in suburban Illinois escapes a dreary winter day with the magic of (what else?) windsurfing! The soundtrack is one of my favorite tunes by White Zombie; Electric Head, Part 1.

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