Monday, March 17, 2008

Amateur Stoke for SUP and Longboard Windsurfing

In beach jive, "getting skunked" means going to the shore with intentions to surf or windsurf, but finding the wind and / or waves inadequate for proper use of one's toys. Skunking is a common occurrence for "wind snobs" and "wave snobs"; those who only own equipment for ideal conditions. Fortunately, with the right tools and an un-snobby attitude, one can beat the skunk almost every time.

In the video below, some South Carolinians dramatize the "Slaying of the Skunk" with their new longboard / stand-up-paddleboard toys. These versatile watercraft can be used for windsurfing in flat water or waves, in light winds or strong, and can also be rowed across flatwater or surfed in waves by a standing rider with a long-handled paddle. Compared to regular surfing, S.U.P'ing is easier because the boards are bigger, you're already standing up when you start, and you can catch smaller waves. The boards featured in the video are the Kona ONE (the same model I have), and the Mistral Pacifico.


PeconicPuffin said...

Skunking is relative. There are wind snobs, and wind sluts. I'll sail in anything, as is well established. What I like about the SUP board is that it seemlessly transitions from very light wind wave board to no wind surf board w/paddle. Also, they should be reasonably stable enough for those wind snobs who don't own a big enough deck for quality nonplaning freestyle to at least work on some sail moves.

James Douglass said...

Hi Peconic Puffin- Wind sluts; that's a good one. :) I'm a wind slut when the weather is warm, but when it's cold I'm more selective.

PeconicPuffin said...

If it's drysuit conditions I won't sail unless I can plane, but if there's enough wind for my biggest sail (7.0) I will suit up.

prabha said...

the crowd. Something like 10 windsurfers and 5 kitesurfers that thinned out towards dark.

Ferdinando ends up in the downwind section of the channel and almost gets sucked into Lanes. I wasn't there, but I can tell from the photos that those conditions weren't easy.


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Nitin Sharma said...

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