Friday, April 25, 2008

Longboard Love Story

Check out this excellent post on Paul Richardson's Blog.

And here's a couple more pictures from windfest. These are the W&M undergrad beginner windsurfer babes who did so well there.




Anonymous said...

Hello Jame:

Im Pedro (Peter) a spanish learning windurfer, and I jave just recieved a copy of your sail size calculator.
This is the tool I was waiting for. I usually had loads of problems in choosing the sail size.
Let's hope it is suitable for me. However thanks in advanced and keep on with good work.


James Douglass said...

Hola Pedro,

Thanks! I hope the calculator will help you decide the right sail size to use! Enjoy the windsurfing and let me know how it goes. :)


Paul Richardson said...

I smell another "Longboard Love Story"...

James Douglass said...

Dearest Paul, that which thou doth keenly detect is nought but a vapor. Verily, the sea is my only mistress.

(Can you tell I watched Pirates of the Caribbean 3 last night?)