Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Slalom Slideshow

**UPDATE** Posted the video on my windsurfing magazine blog.

Got some good Northeast wind this evening for riding my new slalom windsurf board. Lit to overpowered on an 8.4 sail.

I'll post the video later on my windsurfing magazine blog.


Frank said...

really cool James

No oil in your area yet?

Love the colors

Is 8.4 the biggest sail for this board?

G-42 said...

now that you're looking pretty comfy on that board, try moving the straps to the aft-most mounts and running the base back a bit more - it can be a bit on the edge, but it makes the board come alive even more. Worth a try. Generally, lighter sailors tend to benefit from moving straps back to be able to really unwet the board and get it to ride more freely.

That kind of all-the-way-back setup tends to put a premium on fin performance, so that might become a limiting factor at some point.

Hey, if you're coming to the Gorge this summer, try to time it for the blowout (6/26 or 6/27, depending on conditions) - the 71 is the perfect board for that race, and it's a really fun downwinder.