Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Voted For Progressives in the Florida Primary

Well, there's a primary election today in Florida. I tried to vote for the progressive democrats and against the wolf-in-sheep's-clothing democrats who are actually republicans and/or soulless corporate puppets and/or sketchy billionaires.

Here's how I voted:

Senator- Kendrick B. Meek
District 16 Representative- Ed Tautiva

Governor- Alex Sink
Attorney General- Dan Gelber. This was a tough one because both candidates seem like typical sleazy Florida lawyer jerks, but I went for Gelber because I thought he was slightly less likely to be a republican in disguise. We'll see.

St. Lucie County
County Commission District 2- Ken Waters. I wasn't sure about this one because I couldn't find much about what either candidate was going to do for local environmental issues, but Waters was endorsed by the local newspaper and the well-liked local sheriff, so I went for him.


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