Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Another Epic Windsurf Session in Nahant

Wow, I don't know if this evening and and yesterday's windsurfing conditions in Nahant, MA were at all typical or just freakishly perfect because of distant Hurricane Igor, but boy were they good. Yesterday the wind was side-off from the NW so I was doing starboard tack down-the-line wave rides, and today it was side-off from the SW so I was doing port tack down-the-line wave rides. Great practice! The size, spacing, and length of the waves made it really easy to get long rides and get creative with the turns without worrying about getting crunched. Pure bliss. And today I was the only wind-powered thing on the East side of the causeway so I had the whole paradise to myself, not counting the surfers. Used 6.8 and 106 liter board again.

This is an actual embedded google map that you can grab and scroll; not just a jpg like in my last post.

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Tomorrow is supposed to be really windy but not to have such big waves. I need to do some fieldwork during the late afternoon low tide but if I have time before work or during lunch hour I'll try to grab a quickie sesh. STOKE!

This video isn't mine, but it shows kind of what windsurfing offshore wind conditions is like in Nahant. The conditions I was out in were less windy but with bigger waves breaking further out.


Emileezmusic said...

Get those waves you bad-asS!

Snowy Guy said...

The only trouble with Nahant other than the lack of consistency in the winds would be that in a nuking NE wind you can destroy your equipment in the rocks if you lose it.

James Douglass said...

Emily- Woo hoo!

Snowy- Yeah, that would suck.

Snowy Guy said...

Superb video.