Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Another Song by My Sweetheart

Dating a musician is pretty cool because, in addition to the usual stuff you share when you're getting to know each other, you can learn interesting things about your lover from her song lyrics. You might even learn more than you want to know. But I guard against that by assuming that any depressing or angry song was inspired by a lesser guy from the past, while any song that is happy, romantic, or naughty is about me. Nevermind that most of the romantic songs were written before I knew her- I'm sure she was dreaming of the study windsurfing marine biologist she hoped to meet one day.

I like this particular song, "Eve Ocean", because it draws metaphorical relationships between the wild ocean and female emotions, because it sounds good, and because there might be a bad word in part of it but you have to guess what the word is. The only downside to the song is that to listen to it you have to watch this video of me windsurfing at Revere Beach.

Revere Beach Windsurfing 11-10-10 from James Douglass on Vimeo.

You can watch windsurfing-free videos of Emily and her band here and here, and you can download some of her mp3s here.


Brian said...

Hey James,

Thanks for the cold water stoke!

So what's your minimum air temp threshold and has it been lowered since moving up to the northeast?


James Douglass said...

Hey Brian,

In Florida my minimum was about 55 degrees. There were hardly any days below that, so I didn't miss many.

Here in Massachusetts my minimum has gone down to 45 degrees, which is about what it was when I lived in Virginia. I'm definitely more picky about conditions when it's that cold, though.


Emileezmusic said...

What a lovely post (very flattering)! The song works really well with the video! Sweet! Thankyou for using my song : )

James Douglass said...

Emily- Woo hoo! :)

Anna Douglass Ojanen said...

Ha, I didn't have to watch the video while listening to the song, 'cause I was making my breakfast! Ayla says, "Wow, that's a really good song!" I agree with her.

Anna Douglass Ojanen said...

Okay, now I'm going to watch the video too, because I was starting to feel bad and I'm getting curious. :-)