Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Windsurfing Mag Board Tests - Personalities

Hey Dudes and Dudettes! Greeting from sunny Avon, North Carolina, where I am participating in the Windsurfing Magazine freeride board tests for 2011. We have an awesome batch of boards here. These are just some of them...


More importantly we also have an awesome batch of people here, notwithstanding several Canadians. Andy McKinney, the owner of the "Wind NC" watersports store, filmed some of us at dinner the other day.

Today is our one "light wind" day of the week. I got planing this morning on a big board with an 8.5 sail, but it seems to have tapered off a bit since then. Sunday was super windy (25-35 mph) and monday was pretty windy, too (10-20 mph), so we're not missing it real bad. The rest of the week is supposed to nuke. If it was just a little warmer it would be perfect.

I'll post some helmet camera windsurfing action videos pretty soon.


ralph said...

at least two rockets and maybe the new jp super lightwind? can't wait to hear how that thing jibes.

Brian said...

Looking forward to the vids! How many times have you done the board testing?

BLCS said...


Boston forecast for April 1:
30's, chance of snow 70%, 1-2" city, up to 5" outer 'burbs.

Man up! And what's w/ that blonde??

Kevin Hardin said...

you guys keep talking about 'brownies' and then it seems to get smokier and smokier. Is there something you aren't telling us :P

James Douglass said...

Ralph- Yeah, it's the JP superlightwind. I rode it yesterday with an 8.5. We're not allowed to talk about how the boards perform before the magazine review comes out, though. :)

Brian- Vids from the first three days are on the way!

BLCS- Yuck! Snow is tolerable in winter but snow in spring is a travesty. The blondes here are all spoken for (also a travesty).

Kevin- Eh, I think Andy just smudged the lens with his thumb or something. His wife Anne made the brownies. They were intoxicating figuratively but not literally.