Tuesday, April 5, 2011

For Sale: (sniff sniff) My Slalom Board


I owe the Federal government big bucks this year and it's gonna be tight so I need to sell some stuff. My most valuable possession is probably my all-carbon, badass-black 2009 Exocet Warp SL 71 windsurfing board. It has 118 liters volume, handles 5 - 9 meter sails, and sells new for $1700. Mine is in practically new condition with no dings or anything. You can have it for $775 without a fin, or $850 with a 44 cm Tectonics Maui 44 cm slalom fin. You'll have to pick it up or pay the full cost of shipping which could be a lot.

The other stuff I'm selling is listed in the sidebar: a 4.2 Naish wavesail, a 30 cm carbon MFC freewave fin, and a semi-dry wetsuit for scuba diving.


Steve Cooper said...

Too bad you've got to sell your baby! That's gettin hit below the belt.

James Douglass said...

Eh, it's because my new job and my old job pay the same, but the old one didn't withhold anything for taxes and my new one does. That and I spent too much money this winter on air travel, snowboarding, and eating out. :) When the slalom board is sold this summer I'll get a fat old beginner board to teach on that should also be a good ride with my 8.0 sail.

Jay said...

Sucks about selling the board but good call on buying the big gear.

Thinking of sailing Nahant today?
How is it on an ESE?

James Douglass said...

Hey Jay- Doh, I was out of town this weekend. Nahant is pretty good onshore / side-onshore in an ESE as long as it's not too huge to get out.