Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Angulo to Korea, Random Windsurfer in Memphis

*UPDATE* Angulo is doing pretty dang good in Korea so far. He's had top-3 positions in several heats, mixing it up with Albeau and Dunkerbeck, and has made it to both winners' finals. (Link to the standings.) It must be those battens I helped him with last week. ;)

So, I didn't manage to get a windsurfing session today, but I did do some windsurfing-related tinkering at Josh Angulo's house after work. We custom-tweaked the battens on his 8.7 and 9.5 Gun "Mega XS" race sails, and I picked up some special slalom fins he bought from Dave Kashy. Josh and his mountain of equipment leave tomorrow for the PWA contest in Ulsan, Korea. Hopefully the gear modifications will help him kick butt.


In other news, a windsurfer in Memphis, Tennessee is apparently adapting well to the Mississippi River flooding...


(The latter news bit was passed along by Windsurfing Magazine on facebook.)

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Brian said...

James... how cool is that to have Josh Angulo living right next door and being able to play with his stuff. Wish him good luck in Korea! How do you get all that gear to the airport and on the airplane?