Sunday, June 5, 2011

She Comes in Colors

Nahant served up another nice windsurfing dish last Thursday. This one had tiny waves but blasting offshore wind, so I used my small 83 liter board and 4.7 meter squared sail for the first time in a while. The song in the video is "She's a Rainbow" by the Rolling Stones.

Saturday's serving was a different style, with mellower, straight-onshore wind. It was nice to just cruise and do a little bump and jump with the 106 liter board and 6.8 meter squared sail. I set up my camera in the window of my apartment to take a picture every 10 seconds, hoping that it would capture me in windsurfing glory. It didn't work very well because my sail was just a tiny spec in the wide-angle panorama and I had to pick through hundreds of boring pictures to find the OK ones.


The most interesting were a few that captured some European Starlings oddly frozen in flight.


These birds are obnoxious, non-native species that like to peck native birds to death with their sharp yellow beaks to steal their nests. They were introduced back in the 19th century by nutty literary buffs who wanted to bring all the birds described in Shakespeare's plays to the new world. True story.



Catapulting Aaron said...

that spot just seems so awesome. I'm going to have to windsurf there someday.

James Douglass said...

Hey Aaron- Yeah, man! You know you've got a futon to crash on and a ton of gear to borrow if you ever find yourself in the neighborhood.