Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Quick Vid

I got a decent little shortboard windsurfing session at Nahant last Thursday after work. It was tricky with a straight offshore wind angle, but I managed to snag a few waves before the breeze got too light to catch them anymore. Video is below. Sorry about the camera fogging problems. PS- I crash pretty bad at the end.


Johnny Douglass said...

I like the music better than all that Death Zipper with Daggers stuff you often use. Also like your latest survey. I guess it suggests that women are more verbal and men probably are more visual with their romantic imagination.

Lady Notorious said...

Love to see you shredding it up, nice little ride on the waves.

Is it wrong that the end is hands down my favorite part? Watched that part more than once ;-)

James Douglass said...

Dad- Aww, gee. Death Zippers with Daggers is my favorite band! ;) Also, good analysis of the survey trends.

Lady Notorious- It's not wrong that the end is your favorite. It just means you're a little bit sadistic, that's all. :P