Monday, November 7, 2011

Cold Hands

The toughest things for me about windsurfing in cold weather are: 1) keeping my hands warm, which requires thick gloves, and 2) keeping my forearms from cramping, which requires thin or no gloves. Friday evening it was sunny and about 47 degrees in Nahant, so I decided to go with no gloves. My hands got quite cold and numb, but not past the point of working. The nasty part was after the session when I was walking my gear back to the van and the blood started returning to my hands. That part always hurts a lot. It was a mellow side-shore wavesailing session with buddies, though, so it was worth it. Here's the video.


ctwindsurf said...

Fill a 6 pack size cooler with hot tap water and leave it on the beach or near the car if nearby. A dip in the cooler before, during and after can greatly improve your cold air/water sailing experience!

James Douglass said...

Sounds good. But then where would I put my 6 pack? ;)

Frank said...

James you need to leave that beer attitude back in Florida. This is hard liquor country in MA;) In Texas it is not that cold but I have the most trouble with my ears. With glasses on the wind blows under my cap.
It looks like you have a wonderful lady to warm you up.
Being happy ruins other peoples days:)

Sailboarder said...

You can also get back to the beach when your fingers start to hurt bad, but before they are completely frozen. Warm them up by moving your arms and fingers, or by using hot water. When you go back, it will take much longer before they freeze , or, if the temperature is right, you will be ok forever.