Thursday, March 8, 2012

New England Windsurfing Season Opener

It was too warm and windy to pass up the chance to get on the water in Nahant this afternoon. I had a blast riding at Dog Beach with Scott McKay, both of us on 4.2 meter squared sails. I filmed with my GoPro camera. The song in the video is Alec Eiffel by the Pixes.


joe windsurfer said...

boots on and NO GLOVES ?
what are the water temps?
just a little north in Montreal - still some ice in water

Lady Notorious said...

Looks like the spring season started off right :)

How are the old windsurfing muscles feeling this morning?

James Douglass said...

Joe- The water is about 5C but the air was almost 20. It was the warm air that let me get away with no gloves. Hope thing thaw out similarly in Montreal soon!

Lady Notorious- For sure! I got some charlie-horses in my calves when I was sailing, but I actually feel fine this morning. The warm-up sessions in Florida were a huge help. :)

Boris Terzic said...

Enjoy, it isn't that nice up here in Canada expect for today it was good weather.