Sunday, May 12, 2013

New New Old Formula Board- Bic FV.12

Here's a video of a typical Florida Gulf Coast Windsurfing session. It's a "windy" 9-12 knot day, providing planing conditions for my formula board with a 9.5 sail. The music in the video is by the Cure and by the Strokes.

Old Bic Formula Board Sesh in Bonita Springs, FL from James Douglass on Vimeo.


joe windsurfer said...

My understanding is : this board, BIC Formula FV 1.2 is from about 2001.
It is 160 liters and 267x87.5 cm with 62 cm OFO - deep tuttle 60 cm fin
As you are lighter than I, this board should do for you what my BIC Techno
Formula does for me - early planing in light breezes with little input or
pumping required ie FUN with lotsa TOW in light wind areas = ENJOY !!
Definitely believe this is a better fit than the previous "Formula" ...

Frank said...

I had a Bic FV 1.2 which the Prichard called a 90. Mine was blue and white. This must be a latter model. Wished I had never sold it. Traded It for a Starboard 147 that I could never ride with an 11.5. Have fun on the Bic they turned more like a slalom than a Formula.
They were designed by Mikes Lab in San Fransico.

James Douglass said...

Joe- Yep, that sounds like my board. I tried the 60 cm stock fin and wasn't crazy about it. For its size it didn't have very good low-end or upwind angle, and it spun out easily. I'm using a 58 cm finworks now, which I like better.

Frank- Interesting. I haven't tried anything bigger than 9.5 on the FV 1.2. It has the volume to support a big sail, but I would have thought it didn't have enough width in the tail.

Stu said...

Wow, you get that thing going really good for 9-12kt wind. I know it's formula and all but still. What sort of sail would I need to get going like that I am 6'3" 200lbs?

Frank said...

Hi James, Kevin Pritchard won a formula world championship on that board in Brazil I think with a 12 meter!
When you import your video to your Mac do you change the format for editing? The camera I used imports in AVI witch opens Quicktime. I can watch the video but no edit it.

James Douglass said...

Stu- I wasn't planing the whole time, but I cut the bad parts out of the video. At 75 kgs I can definitely plane in 10 knots with the 9.5, but I won't claim I can plane in 9 knots. You'd want at least an 11.0 to plane in the same conditions. Good luck!

Frank- Cool! I vaguely remember now that Pritchard used to ride for Bic.

When I import video, I do it from within iMovie by starting iMovie, then plugging in the camera, then selecting "import from camera" in the iMovie menu.

Franco Patrucco said...

A Forest by The Cure in a windsurf video?

Andres said...
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Andres said...

Hello, good video! I just bought the Bic fv-1 and really is very light and is very fast. But the only video I've seen from this board is that of James. Could you recommend some links of the Fv-1? Thank you!

James Douglass said...

Hi Andres- I'm sorry, I don't know of anywhere else to get information on the board. It will probably take some pretty serious searching to find information on it since it's so old now. Good luck! -James