Monday, November 17, 2014

Goodbye Gertie

Our sweet doggie Gertie passed away swiftly from a heart attack yesterday. We are heartbroken as can be, but we know we did everything we could to make her life as long and happy as we could.

 photo sweetGertie_zps0bd55a2b.jpg<  photo 2014-11-07Gracie-Gertieprincesses_zps33a00dfd.jpg

We adopted Gertie in 2012 from the same Florida English Bulldog foster home where we adopted her "sister" Grace. We knew Gertie was already 9 years old and had some heart conditions, and we didn't expect her to make it all that long. However, with lots of love and expensive medications and vet visits, she had a really good life for two years. Though angelic Gertie has gone on to the "rainbow bridge" as they say, impish Grace is still holding down the fort and we expect her to be cutely causing trouble for some time to come.


Anonymous said...

Sorry about Gertie James.
I visited your blog to read the nice piece about the Poor Person's Guide to Windsurfing and became aware about her.

Regards from Greece,

Dimitris (zaosan)

James Douglass said...

Thank you for the kind words, Dimitris. Good winds in Greece!

Marc said...


I am so sorry you have lost your friend Gertie. She must have been very grateful for the care and wonderful life you gave her. I know it is very painful to lose a family member. Yes...Rainbow Bridge.