Sunday, July 26, 2015

Rare Midsummer Wavesailing Session

Summer in SW Florida is generally a really bad season for windsurfing. It's rarely windy enough to plane, even with the biggest boards and sails. But yesterday was an exception, with a big low pressure system roughing up the Gulf of Mexico and bringing a stiff onshore breeze to Wiggins Pass State Park. I got out on a 106 liter Exocet Cross II board and a 6.4 KA Kult sail and took some video with my GoPro. The song in the video is by the Misfits.

July Wiggins 7-25-15 from James Douglass on Vimeo.

Rare windy day in the middle of Florida's stagnant summer season. I'm riding a 106 liter Exocet Cross II and a 6.4 KA Kult sail. Music is the Misfits.


Johnny Douglass said...

Good music for a stormy looking day.

Frank said...

Do you live close enough to the beach to catch that rare day? I have 30 miles to the beach so I take everything along that will fit on my trailer. And still sometimes miss.

James Douglass said...

Frank- I'm lucky that it just a 15 minute drive to the beach from my house. I keep most of my windsurfing gear in the back of the van all the time, which makes the van smell funny but makes it easy to grab a session on short notice. :)

Marc said...

Lucky guy! Thanks for sharing, James. Love the little hops and off-the-lips. I can only dream. Even more severe dog days here in Ohio.