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SUP Technique and Training Links

Note: As a modern nerd, I believe that the answer to any question, about anything, can be found somewhere on the Internet. Of course there is no guarantee that the Internet's answer will be easy to find, helpful, or even factual. It takes lots of critical picking-through-the-rocks to find the real gold nugget answers. That's what I've tried to do here with this list of standup paddleboard (SUP) technique and training links. This list is mostly focused on flatwater and race paddling and does not cover how to ride waves, which is a whole 'nuther thing.

SUP Technique and Training Online Resources
Organized by James Douglass
Last Updated 24 May 2015

Larry Cain- - Larry Cain was an Olympic canoeing medalist for Canada a while back. He’s now a top-level coach and competitor for canoeing and SUP. He’s a good writer and really good about breaking down the details of technique. There’s tons of info on his site to go through, but here are some of the things that I’ve found most helpful.
·      Video of Larry Cain cruising using perfect stroke technique:
·      Video series that breaks down each phase of the paddle stroke into a drill that you can practice
o   Applying the catch drill:
o   Middle of the stroke:
o   Achieving max results:
·      Why it’s sometimes GOOD to fall in: - Serious (maybe too serious) athletic training tips for paddleboarding. Site is run by a bunch of insane former triathletes. It’s mostly about working out, but there’s some about paddling technique and racing strategy, as well. They have a book and training guides that you have to pay for, too. - Sup racing news site that posts a lot of “how to” articles and videos. It’s pretty entertaining and less macho than ridingbumps. These are some good ones from there:
·      Mindset and manners advice for sup racing beginners:
·      Basics on how to do a pivot turn:
·      Beau Obrien explaining how to do a fast pivot turn, also known as a kick turn:
·      Titouan Puyo cruising vs. sprinting stance tips, and buoy turns video:
·      How to paddle out through breaking waves:
·      How to brace with the paddle to avoid falling off in bumpy water:

Dave Kalama Videos: Dave Kalama is a surfing / windsurfing legend of the same vintage as Laird Hamilton. He was one of the original SUP racing dudes and is still a top racer especially in downwind races. His videos are really short, simple, and helpful, mostly focusing on basics of how to feel better and go faster.
·      How to “slow down to speed up”:
·      Mindset and technique advice for workout paddles:
·      Mindset and warmup advice for right before a race:
·      A grip trick to get you to use your torso and core muscles instead of your bicep:

Jim Terrell Quickblade / Mad Scientist blogs and videos- Jim Terrell is a former Olympic canoe racer who now owns Quickblade Paddles and gives lots of sup gear and technique advice online.
·      Advice on how long to cut your paddle and how low down to grip the paddle with your bottom hand for maximum power and efficiency:
·      Stroke analysis comparing different techniques for going fast:
For anything not on this list, is a good set of online forums to ask specific questions about SUP and have them answered.
Thread about training and racing in Florida heat and humidity:,27273.0.html

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