Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Statistics HEAVEN

It's so nice to have a hobby to obsess over.

Yesterday I entered the records from all my 2007 windsurfing sessions (which I scrawl on my wall calendar) into a spreadsheet. Today I spent two hours fiddling with fun graphs and tables while reflecting on all the good times had on the water.

Some highlights:

I windsurfed 154 times, or 42% of the days of the year.
The most I windsurfed in a month was 22 days in September.
The least I windsurfed in a month was 3 days in February.
The average temperature I went out in was 75 degrees.
The coldest was 42 degrees on February 3 at Geddings House.
The hottest was 95 degrees on August 4 at the Lotto Regatta at Andersen Park.


I sailed in 23 different places in 4 states.
The spot I launched from most was VIMS Beach.


I sailed on 14 different boards (actually it was 18, but I only counted the ones that were my primary board for a session).
The board I sailed most often was the Kona Style.
I bought 2 boards and sold 4 boards, ending with 3 boards of my own.


The average sail size I used was 7.2 meters squared.
The smallest sail size I used was 3.0 meters squared at Factory Point on May 6.
The biggest sail size I used was 9.8 meters squared; I used it mainly for regattas.
The average winds I sailed in were 8 - 16 knots.
The most wind I sailed in was 40 knots on April 16 at VIMS Beach.
The least wind I sailed in was 0-5 knots on August 4 at the @#$%^&* Lotto Regatta.
I caught the most wind per session in November, when my average sail size was 5.2.
I caught the least wind per session in June, when my average sail size was 7.9.


I sailed in every possible wind direction.
The wind I sailed most often was East, which is a typical summer thermal on the York River.


There were lots of ecstatically wonderful sessions, but the best was July 19th in the warm ocean at Edisto Island, SC. The wind was 17-20 knots, the waves were challenging but fun, and I was "dialed-in" with a 5.8 sail and the Fanatic Skate. I got lots of sweet jumps and carves and totally raced alongside a jetski with babes riding on it. I was glorious. That's not a typo it's vanity.



Deb said...

You really should change your dissertation subject. :-) Great stats!

James Douglass said...

Thanks, deb. :)

PeconicPuffin said...

Thank you, James. I have logs of every day I sailed last year...the gear I sailed, the locations I sailed, planing vs nonplaning days, but you outdo me. Now in good concscience I can tell my wife and friends that at least one person is crazier than me in this department. I no longer define the end of the bell curve.

-Michael (who was just taking a break from laying out the grid lines in my new sailing diary when he stumbled on this post.)

Paul Richardson said...

I admire your dedication to your art. Rock on!