Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Last night I had a strange experience. I turned on my television and saw a politician addressing the nation. Nothing unusual there. But as I listened I began to realize that this man wasn't an idiot or a liar or a jaded bureaucrat. I didn't have to roll my eyes and change the channel. In fact, with each of his intelligent and well-spoken words I actually felt hope swell against the eight-year-old wall of cynicism around my heart. There are millions of loving, caring, happy, thoughtful, brave and intelligent people in this country... Looks like we'll finally have one in the office of the president. :)

**BONUS UPDATE - Here's a video where he's giving what I think is a really good speach about separation of church and state. "Democracy demands that the religiously motivated translate their concerns into universal rather than religion-specific values ... it requires that their proposals be subject to argument and amenable to reason."**


John said...


Frank said...

You guys are such dreamers. This guy is as good as Slick Willie at the delivery of the talk but someone else write the words.He is just a front man for George Soros and congress which will take your money and throw it away. I like spending MY MONEY I don't want BIG government doing it far me. Why does John live in Citco ville

John said...

Better than the alternative, a 3rd Bush term. McCain already is comming out and saying he supports almost all of Bush's policies. Your nuts if you vote for that, Bush has put this country down the shit hole. I'd vote for my 11 year old sister before I'd vote for McCain

Frank said...

Congress has put the nation off in the ditch. They should have term limits. Guys like Kenedy wouldn't know the real world if it hit them in the face. I don't like any person running for President. The congress have the votes to pass anything they want but do they.
i consider myself a fiscal conservative. Don't live on credit, don't buy stuff you cannot pay for,don't have children you cannot afford. I vote for the person I believe will spend the least money (they all spend to much and tell you someone else is paying) Well the wind is starting to blow see ya later

Outdrsmn said...

Please don't take this as a defense of Bush. W had no business being President plain and simple. He just happend to be better than the other guy, twice.
To be the President of this country you have to have knowledge of the system you have to have favors owed and dirt on others to get your agenda pushed through. Washington it seems is all about "you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours". W didn't have that so he tried to surround himself with people who did. That was the fatal mistake. Cheney is the one responsible for this mess, him and big business. That's who's been running the country for the last 8 years not W.
Now with our current candidates Obama talks the talk but does he have the clout to back it up, will he be another figurehead like Bush? I just hope it is worth the gamble, I don't think this country can stand another 4 years of being run by special interests. McCain has been around the block he has the system figured out and very likely many favors owed. McCain has me a little worried though with the tow the Republican line attitude of late, I believe it was a tactic to placate the ultra conservatives and insure his nomination. I guess time will tell. I just see him as an "I will get the job done" guy, I don't know that Obama has that ability. He still has till November to impress me though.

James Douglass said...

Cool, guys. I like the flurry of discussion here. I especially like what Outdrsmn Chris said:

"I just hope it is worth the gamble, I don't think this country can stand another 4 years of being run by special interests."

Right on. Both McCain and Obama cast themselves as independent, but I think that in reality, Obama is less beholden to special interests. I.e. he's less likely to continue supporting so-called "perverse subsidies" that give tax money to unsustainable development initiatives.

Frank said...

You do not defeat The Clintons without owning someone BIG time.
My guess is George Soros. Besides I still believe in the golden rule. "He who has the gold makes the rules" But as outdrsmn said here we are again voting not for the best person but the one we perceive will do the least damage. Now both candidates will choose a running mate and the metrics will change again.