Sunday, September 21, 2008

Good Windsurfing + Shark + Annoying Crimes

I had a nice cruise this afternoon in typical Florida conditions; a piddling seabreeze around 10 mph. What made it fun was sailing south from Jetty Park to a spot where rideable waves were breaking offshore. On the way down there I saw a bonnet-head shark (like a hammerhead but with a stubbier hammer) cruising fast just beneath the surface.

The only thing that sucked was when I got back to the park and realized some pecker-brain had stolen the sailbag and downhaul tool that I had stuffed under my car. It's annoying and ironic because those items were certainly worthless to the jackass who took them, whilst they are pretty important to me and will be a big pain in the neck to replace. The theif probably saw the shiny silver bag under the car and hoped my keys or wallet were in it. I have no idea what he thought the downhaul tool was.

Maybe the culprit was the same jerk who took my nice flip-flops from the head of the beach trail at the North Jetty last week. I hope he gets a parasitic infection that renders him blind and impotent, so that he is no longer able to steal or make more little jerks like himself.


John said...

That sucks man, that really is a pain in the ass. I think you can buy cheap generic sail bags online, but not sure. Dude, whats up with that place and sharks F an epic session in at billy's place in adyllet. 100l board and 5.0 sail all day was awesome first time getting to sail in those kind of winds on my own stuff lol. I could not jibe that board though

James Douglass said...

John- Thanks for the sympathy. Have you been sailing any more in this big Noreaster?

John said...

nah i haven't sailed in this noreaster because i have had alot of school work to do + the only place the wind direction was right was at factory point and thats a haul. I got my fix in over the weekend though two high wind days broke in my 100l and 5.0 lol.