Thursday, September 11, 2008

Why Bloggers Need to Host Their Own Pictures

When I first started this blog I often decorated it with random pictures from the web that I found through google images. Usually I linked directly to the picture at its original location, letting the other site "host" it, so that the picture wouldn't take up room in my blog storage space. I have since learned that there are some dangers associated with doing that.

1. The other site might go offline or change or something, leaving a blank X on your blog where the picture was displayed.

2. You might offend the original picture-host, causing a tense situation in which you have to take the picture off your blog and apologize.

3. You might offend the original picture-host, causing him to retaliate by secretly replacing the picture with an angry message printed over an apallingly graphic shot of a man's rectum.

Since all three of these things have now happened to me, I will be making sure to host all my own pictures for this blog from now on!

PS- Muchas gracias to Catapulting Aaron pointing out #3. I hope nobody else had their eyeballs seared by that painful image.


uglyjiber said...

Dude, did you get Goatsed?



I hope not! said...

why don't you get a google picasa account and store all your pics there? .. they give 1 gig of space to store your photos .. you can fit thousands in it .. and when you get rid of space you can use aother google account :)

I run (news and forum), biggest spanish windsurfing site, and have plenty of room to store images but I try to always store images in Google Picasa service to unload server resources.

Thousands of blogs use google picasa to store the images.

If you need any help in setting it up you can contact me at my site and will be glad to explain you.

Here my email: