Sunday, November 2, 2008

Windsurfing Pictures - Dad and Me

I didn't think it was windy today. It just looked rainy. So I had a lazy day of reading and helping my dad build a board rack. That is, until my mom came back from a walk saying she'd just been at the beach where it was windy and there were "five windsurfers!".

Naturally, pops and I hustled down to the beach as fast as we could. There was no sign of the mystery windsurfers anymore, but there was still some side-off breeze. We rigged up 7.8 and 6.6 msq sails for our respective longboards and set out. Though the winds were marginal for planing, there was a big, smooth swell making things interesting. A squall started looming towards the end of the session so we quit before too long. It was fun, though.







TT926 said...

It's great you sail with you dad. Mine taught me how to sail back i nthe day, and I am working on getting him "on board". That last picture is great.

George Markopoulos said...

James, those are stunning photos

James Douglass said...

tt926- Yeah, windsurfing is a special thing to share. I get sentimental reminiscing about the old days when dad taught me how to sail, and I love being able to still windsurf with him.

George- Thanks, man. :)

Sailor John said...

Love that rainbow shot. I'm self taught, but my dad rode his motorcycle down to the beach once and watched me sail. When we got back to his home, he exclaimed >>that looked like a lot of work!!!<< Now when someone criticizes me for being a beach bum, I remember what he had to say.