Saturday, November 1, 2008

Windsurfing Pictures - Me, me, and me

On Wednesday my folks drove down from South Carolina to stay with me for a week. It's nice having them here. A lot of stuff I'd been putting off, like fully furnishing and decorating my apartment, has now gotten done thanks to parental guidance. Also, I got to go windsurfing with my dad on Thursday, and he liked the big board I bought for his middle-aged re-entry into the sport (a Fanatic Viper 85 from Calema Windsurfing).

On Halloween Friday the wind and waves were rougher and my dad was complaining more than usual about his chronic hand eczema, so I didn't make him go windsurfing. I went after work, though, and my mom took some pictures from the jetty. Thanks, mom.

The pictures-

Going out. I was sailing a 6.6 Aerotech Charge on a 114 liter Fanatic Skate. That's my go-to setup for a typical breezy Fort Pierce day.

Coming in...

Carving - maybe a jibe initiation?

Life is rough in Florida.

Today the wind was a no-show, but I worked some with my dad on building a board rack. It should be cool when it's done.


John said...

Great pics man wish i could be windsurfing with boarshorts only...I sailed today at Kashy's new place (near your old bay tree beach spot)and i was in a full wet suit and still a little chilly....been sailing alot of formula on the weekends its very tough, but fun + getting in good shape thats for sure

James Douglass said...

John- I've been reading about your formula sessions on letsrig. Sailing with Dave you must be getting pretty good! Or at least pretty tired and beat up. I'm looking forward to seeing how you do in the next competition. Will you be coming down to the Calema midwinters?

John said...

Well getting pretty beat up yes getting good not really. Formula is really tiring i wear myself out most the time to the point of being useless lol..I also haven't had consistent gear, but now i think i have my permanent set up so that i can get dialed for midwinter's, i do have plans to head down there with dave and allen to race as of now.. we'll see though I don't know what my schedule is going to be like