Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Chance to End Perverse Subsidies

The oil industry makes huge profits while taking a huge toll on human health and the environment. So it's common sense that the industry should be taxed, or at least NOT SUBSIDIZED with government funds. Ending subsidies and tax loopholes for oil companies would be a logical step towards fixing the national debt, pollution, climate change, and terrorism, and freeing up funds for better investments in the future, like education.


Unfortunately, logic alone will not stop mad armies of fearful, loathsome lobbyists from trying to preserve the perverse system we have now; a system that pays oil executives and crooked politicians at the expense of everyday people and the environment.

If you want to help, you can click here to sign a petition supporting the sensible measures in President Obama's budget that would end oil industry subsidies and loopholes.


Frank said...

Yea kill big oil. Tax them until we have no oil. Everyone can ride a bicycle. No more subsides to anyone. If you can't pay your own way feed them to the lions. The Romans had the right idea. Why if some thing is thrown in the water in Florida does it end up on a Texas beach and then I have to pick it up? Ifwe every have any business I will have to stop writing.

James Douglass said...

Frank- I totally agree with you this time. ;)

It's true about Texas beaches accumulating trash. The states and countries around the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean put a lot of trash in the ocean, both accidentally and on-purpose, and the wind and currents bring much of it to Texas. I wrote a blog about this last fall...