Friday, September 4, 2009

I'm in Windsurfing Magazine Again, etc.

Catapulting Aaron and I both have articles published in the latest issue of windsurfing magazine. (This is clear evidence that editorial standards have plummeted - lol!) An artist for the mag painted a funny picture to go with my article, which I think is cool. If you don't already get the magazine, I recommend you check it out.

On a totally unrelated note, I have a song severely stuck in my head right now. At least it's a good song by a Seattle-based band called Fleet Foxes. I embedded the youtube music video below. Maybe it will get stuck in y'all's heads, too.


PeconicPuffin said...

I saw you both in there...congratulations. Furthering the blogger takeover of the issue, the editorial (Zen and the Art of Windsurfing) while uncredited, has my fingerprints all over it, from the photo (I've done seven posts over the years on the windsurfer who shows up at the beach with his own Buddha and the bit about the book "Zen and the Art..."

The world is going to the

Frank said...

Like your piece! Probably no money involved? How can you Intellectuals support us little people if you do things for free?

good job

James Douglass said...

Puffy- Oh, yeah! I noticed your Long Island Buddha stone carver guy. That was pretty cool

Frank- I'm supposed to be getting $150 for it but I haven't seen the dough yet. :)

Paul Richardson said...

Congrats James! I'll have to pick that up!
I've been busy with the little man lately (just started kindergarten). Haven't windsurfed in forever. Don't have you here to cajole me! We've been having a bunch of wind though and I need to get out there. Keep up the good work!