Friday, February 26, 2010

Inlet Sesh

The trend of weird winds continues in Florida. The other day we had a Northwest breeze that was rideable from South Causeway Park in Fort Pierce for a short time while the tidal current was favorable. I started windsurfing with a 5.5 sail and a small board, then the wind lightened up and I did some kiteboarding. I took video with my GoPro camera mounted on a helmet. The video color and quality seemed to degrade a bit when I uploaded it to Vimeo. Oh, well.

Windsurfing and Kiting in Fort Pierce Inlet from James Douglass on Vimeo.


Howard said...

great blog site and sad to read the piece on the death of a kiteboarder. Is the footage you used today taken with the HD pro or just a normal one ? Winds have just returned here...and its finally starting to warm up,

James Douglass said...

Howard- Thanks for checking out the blog. The footage for this video was taken with the HD GoPro. Hope you get some warm winds up there soon!