Sunday, February 14, 2010

Short Video + Gear for Sale Summary

It was pretty chilly in Florida yesterday, with a high in the low 50s. But there was a strong Northwest wind combined with a significant ground swell, which offered the possibility of catching an elusive "side off" wave ride. The wind was unreliable near shore because of turbulence caused by obstructions on land, so I used my floaty 106 liter board. It was tough to find the perfect spot, because the wind was better offshore, but the waves were smoother and steeper at the reef breaks nearest to shore. I was also stressing about my GoPro camera fogging up again, and about a piece of outhaul line flapping in front of the lense. I didn't want to hop off my board to adjust the outhaul because of shark attack fears, and I didn't want to go back to shore to de-fog the camera because I was worried it would get contaminated with salt and sand when I opened it up. So the result is a short video where I'm just riding some mellow, non-breaking swells. It was still fun, though.

Quickie Side-Off Windsurfing Session from James Douglass on Vimeo.

I'm selling some windsurf and kite gear now. I'd prefer to sell locally and not have to ship, but for the right price I could ship the smaller items. Here's the list:

1. F-One 6'6" Directional Kiteboard in good condition with 3 fins and 3 footstraps. Pictures and description in my post from a week or two ago. $50
2. 5.2 Ezzy Wave SE 2004 sail in fair condition (has some tape in spots, and a dime-sized hold in the luff sleeve). $50
3. GoPro Helmet Hero HD with cables, mounting accessories and 8gb sd memory card. $160. (Was $300 new not including the memory card.) Lense on the housing has some scratches from sand, so you will probably want to order a new one from GoPro for $20.

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Van said...

Nice carves.

Morley said...

Hey, why don't you keep both cameras and have simultaneous helmet/boom end, or nose-backwards and masthead shots?