Friday, April 9, 2010

The Most Interesting Woman in the World

Last week I had the good fortune to spend an afternoon with the most interesting woman in the world, or at least the most interesting woman in Saint Lucie County west of I-95. Her name is Linda, and she is a windsurfer, kiteboarder, pilot, skydiver, seamstress, engineer, military veteran, emergency medic, and a bunch of other interesting things.


I'd talked to Linda on the beach in Fort Pierce a few times, but I had never before visited her "compound" out in the country. The reason I went there was to get some kite and wetsuit repairs done - Linda is handy with an industrial sewing machine and you can call her at 332-0941 [Ft. Pierce area code] if you need something fixed or fabricated.


The place she lives is out of this world. It's a whole neighborhood that caters to recreational pilots, where all the houses are paired with huge airplane hangers that open onto backyard airstrips.


Linda builds and restores planes for fun, and she has two beautiful, vintage planes gleaming in the hanger. My favorite was this biplane.


Anyway, if you live in the Treasure Coast Area and have a busted kite or windsurf sail, don't hesitate to give Linda a call. And leave some extra time when you go out there for the guided tour because Linda will be more than willing to share stories of her various adventures.

Bonus- Here's a video from last Sunday where I used the 14 msq kite that she had just fixed, plus a big 17 msq kite when the wind was down.

Big Kite Board Mount Video, 3 April 2010 from James Douglass on Vimeo.


seabass said...

How well do large kites charge upwind?

James Douglass said...

Seabass- Well enough, but the feel is a little different than a normal sized kite so you have to make some technique adjustments. I'm still working out the kinks.

Morley said...

So thats a Pitts Special aerobatic plane; is the other a Piper J3? Or a Supercub? Unusual neighbourhood for sure!

James Douglass said...

Morley- Good ID on the planes. I'm not sure what the red one is but I'll ask Linda when I see her again. Apparently some of her neighbors are even more "interesting", but not in a good way. Like, they're successful cocaine smugglers.