Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Slalom Windsurfing - Last Place but Had Fun

The Stuart Spring Fling windsurfing regatta was last weekend. I wrote a report and made a video and stuff. It's on my windsurfing magazine blog at: http://windsurfingmag.com/features/2010/05/11/james-blog-slalom-racing-last-place-but-had-fun/


Frank said...

You have to participate before you can win. I was last in a lot of regattas before I had any success.
The best training for racing is racing.

James Douglass said...

Hey Frank- Thanks for the encouraging words. I'm eager to give it another shot.

Johnny Douglass said...

Well, I think you nailed it in your post title. I'm sure it's a rush to place high or win. But, if you had to spend all your money updating equipment and all your water time working on pointing higher, you'd miss the big payoff of staying fit while having a lot of fun and enjoying nature.