Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Weekend Beach Fest

What could be better than a long Saturday afternoon windsurfing and kiting with your friends at the beach? Doing it again on Sunday, duh! There's nothing like sore-all-over tired to help you sit still in your desk chair on a Monday. :)

Here's some pictures from Saturday of my kite pal Marc, my windsurf buddies Brandon and Lisa, and myself. I was riding a 179 cm Litewave Freeride and flying a 14 m Cabrinha Contra. 179 cm is really big for a twin-tip kiteboard, but it rides super smooth because of the rocker, concave bottom, and relatively narrow tips. It's ironic that it was the cheapest used board in the shop when I picked it up last year, and yet it turns out to ride nicer than any of the other big boards I've borrowed or tested since then.

Marc was flying a new-to-him 2009 Cabrinha Crossbow 16 meter kite and riding his Litewave Wing 153.

Brandon rigged a small 5.0 sail on his longboard for Lisa.

Lisa did fine with the small sail, and the next day she was out with a 6.6 on my Kona longboard. Goes to show that you don't need to be an advanced shortboard windsurfer to ride in the ocean. Just need to be brave enough to try it and stick with it until you get your sea legs.

Fort Pierce moonrise.

There are some more pictures from the session in this photobucket album, but I'm not posting them here because there are some seat-harness-junk shots that I don't want to inflict on unwilling victims.

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