Monday, February 7, 2011

Winter Sports Weekend

Yo. This weekend some grad students and people I work with at the Northeastern University Marine Science Center rented a cabin for a "winter retreat" type of thing. It was in a little Western Massachusetts town called Becket. The owner was a charming, Swiss gentleman who said his family had built a series of vacation homes in the most fabulous parts of the world, and had given them all names ending in "_treff", which apparently means "Gathering Place". This one was "Waldtreff", the Gathering Place in the Woods.

I brought my GoPro camera and filmed some snowboarding. Later Dan Blumstein filmed some sledding. The sledding was at night so you might notice a "Blair Witch Project" feel to that segment of the video. BTW, the soundtrack for the snowboarding part is "Rain When I Die" by Alice and Chains, since there was freezing rain at the mountain that would form sheets of ice on one's clothing, etc.

Snowboarding and Sledding, Feb 2011 from James Douglass on Vimeo.

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Andy said...

Ugggh! The ending is super gnar! She's a champ, though!