Thursday, July 14, 2011

Rare Summer Northeast Wind Session

A little cool front came through New England last night, providing some Northeast wind and waves this morning. The weatherman said the wind was going to fade in the afternoon, so I got up early for a before-work windsurfing session. I reckon it was worth it.

Afterwards, since I was still wearing my wetsuit, I snorkled at a spot on the other side of Nahant where I'll be setting up an eelgrass experiment next week. The eelgrass here is the same species that I studied in grad school in Virginia, but up here it grows a lot bigger and it grows in deeper water. The deep water part is going to make setting up the experiment a big pain in the butt.


Brian said...

Nothing like a little dawn patrol to start the day off right!

Did you ever sell you Exocet race board?


James Douglass said...

Hey Brian!

Ya, I sold the "black machine" to Peter R. of


Lady Notorious said...

Great video! You're definitely cooking right along.

Are we going to see the new and improved longboard (post-gasket upgrade) in action soon?

James Douglass said...

Hey Lady Notorious!

Thanks for the shout-out. :) Yes, a video demonstrating the fully-armed and operational Mistral Equipe is going to be my next project. I think I'll try something a little different with the camera mount, too...