Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Gusty and Rusty

We got some "real" wind today in New England for the first time in a while. It blew 20+ mph out of the NNW, and there was a decent swell coming in from the East, which is an ideal setup for side-off wavesailing from the Nahant causeway. The only fly in the ointment was that the wind was very gusty. We're talking over-powered in 30 mph one minute, and shlogging your sinky board in 10 mph the next minute. Quite a few determined and talented sailors were out there making it look good, though, including Mr. Josh Angulo, who I witnessed doing back loops from my apartment window just before I went out to sail myself. Woo hoo! My own performance was decidedly "meh," but there were one or two times that I hit the lip during a wave ride in what felt like a pretty cool way. The video is below, set to an oldies rock song by Unit 4 + 2.

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