Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Horseneck Huck Report

Sunday I drove down to Horseneck Beach, on the border of Massachusetts and Rhode Island, for a wavesailing jam session organized by local hotshot windsurfers via the iwindsurf forum. The conditions were very challenging, at least for me, but the stoke level was high. Below are some videos from the event. The first ones were shot by a nice guy named Claudio, who was sitting on top of a ladder next to the water. In them you can see Josh Angulo kicking butt with his pink and teal sail, and you can see me playing it safe with my red sail and helmet. (The best shot of me is at 2:35 in Claudio's first video.) The last video was shot by me with my helmet camera. Also, Lady Notorious took a ton of great pictures, so I'll add a few of those later when they're edited. Woo hoo!

Claudio's Videos:

My Video:


Lady Notorious said...

wow, the "Rinse Cycle" was *insane*. It looked bad enough from where I was standing, but, up close? yikes!

Major points for rockin' a third sesh after that. (And for including the steamrolled footage!)

I love that you got your 2/3rds (which, rounded up = a whole) loop on the film, looked great :)

awesome day all around!

joe windsurfer said...

not sure if u r religious, butt u can count yur lucky stars to hang with and use the Angulo gear !!! may some w/s guru move to my neighbourhood soon - oh yeah - i live landlocked with some St Lawrence River. Then again the pros were out with 3.7s on Saturday !!!

PeconicPuffin said...

Clew-first wavesailing is playing it safe? Nice!

James Douglass said...

Lady Notorious- Yeah, that rinse cycle was exhausting, but I reckon it made me appreciate the rest of the session more. And it was nice that you were there to get me psyched up again. :)

Joe- That's cool that we were both "blessed" with some big winds.

Puffy- Jerry on the peach and white Ezzy 5.2 was doing some really good clew-first wavesailing. I don't recall doing more than a few open-clew frontside turns...

Serg said...

absolutely awesome videos! So cool and helpful for younger guys... Of course if you decide to produce a longer video like this one - could you please leave a few wanterstarts in the waves too? so we watch and grasp that too. thank you so much for great stuff like this!