Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I'm Going to Be a Married Professor in Florida

This is old news now for those who know me personally, but I thought I'd share it on my blog:

1. Over the winter I applied and interviewed for a faculty position as a "Seagrass Science" assistant professor at Florida Gulf Coast University in Fort Myers.

2. Around the same time, I realized that my sweetheart Rhonda, aka Lady Notorious, was THE ONE for sure. So I started putting $$$ down for an engagement ring.

3. By some miracle, FGCU actually called to offer me the job! It was super exciting, but before accepting the position I had to ask Rhonda very nicely if she would be willing to move far away from her awesome family and job in New England to be with me in Florida.

4. My folks, who knew I was planning to ask Rhonda to marry me, were like, "You should propose SOON so she knows you're seriously committed and not just fooling around asking her to come to Florida." It seemed like fabulous advice, so instead of waiting until I had asked Rhonda's parents for permission and finished paying for the ring I went right ahead and asked.

5. After I poured my heart out and begged for a while she said "yes" - both to marriage and to moving to Florida. Woo hoo!


6. So July 31st is my last day in Nahant, then I'm hitting the road in a Penske Truck with my minivan towed behind it, followed by a little green sedan with Rhonda, her mom, and our bulldog Buri. Rhonda's mom is going to fly back after we get to Fort Myers. Buri will probably also want to go home, but we're going to get a special cooling pad and ice-filled kiddie pool for him to help him deal with the Florida swelter.

7. In the meantime, I have a shit-ton of seaweed research to wrap up here in at the Northeastern University Marine Science Center, but I'm looking forward to getting some more epic wavesailing sessions at Nahant before going to the windless and waveless Gulf Coast of Florida.


Johnny Douglass said...

Like like like like like and then some more like.

peggy g said...

I agree with your dad ;-) Peggy

mario.milhazes said...

Great news James!!!

Congratulations for this big step!!!!
I hope you will be as happy as i am being married and with 2 great kids!!!

Lady Notorious said...

You are going to be the handsomest professor FGCU has ever seen. The students will be swooning at your feet! :)

I'll know you'll impress everyone, students and faculty alike with your engaging approach to the subject matter, knowledge of the topic and overall enthusiasm for the courses you teach, the research you're starting, and just life in general. FGCU is *lucky* to have you.

And so am I.

I already knew how wonderful you were, and that you were absolutely the one for me. You took your amazingness to a new level when you took care of me after my surgery.

Basically, I have the world's most amazing fiance ever, and he's mine, all mine! :)

Scott F said...

Wow, A lot of big steps. Congratulations. And all with a girl who is smart, athletic, supportive and good looking. Nice job and best of luck

Steve Bodner said...

Congrats James on your latest adventure!