Friday, May 11, 2012

Nahant Beach Parking Closure Nightmare 2012

**UPDATE: As of Memorial Day, the lot has been open. It's not paved or anything, but it's open, and the price is still a reasonable $3.00**

This is a warning to any Bostonians who might be hoping to go to Nahant Beach this weekend, 12 May 2012, or any time soon: Don't bother.

 The whole dang parking lot has been closed since fall for some horrible, never-ending renovation project. I live on Little Nahant so my view looks right over the parking lot, and I can say for sure that it is NOWHERE near being finished. They don't even seem to be working on it. The digging machines have been parked there motionless for month after month, but the scene never changes. Does anyone know what the problem is? There's certainly no indication of the prolonged closures on the unhelpful Nahant Beach website.

 Last month when we had a warm weekend there was a huge line of cars across the causeway waiting for an hour to get into the lot- only to be turned away by the cops at the Tides Restaurant. Nahant did put up a sign saying the lot was closed, but you can't see the sign until you've already driven across the causeway so it's totally useless. Hopefully the collective rage of all the people getting turned away will light a fire under the people in charge of the lot renovation and will make them start actually WORKING on it. Grrr...


Johnny Douglass said...

So, can you still walk there with your board on your back and sail or paddle there

Lady Notorious said...

SUCH a pain in the butt. :( It's going to really cramp our summer fun style.