Thursday, June 14, 2012

ECWF Race Video

This post is part two of my account of last weekend's East Coast Windsurfing Festival. A more complete description with pictures and a list of winners is on The Peconic Puffin. The racing winners were riding round-bottomed "Division II" boards, but standard flat-bottomed raceboards were close behind. I had a chance to try Pete Roesch' D2 board on Saturday and found it fast but very tricky to tack and jibe. My own board, a 10'4" Angulo paddleboard with the addition of a small center fin, was better around the course than the paddleboards without daggerboards, but couldn't hold its ground against the real windsurfing longboards. Below is some video I edited up of two races on Sunday.

East Coast Windsurfing Fest 2012 - 2 Races from James Douglass on Vimeo.

A nice windsurfer / sculptor named Mike brought this Buddah creation to the beach in the back of his pickup truck. I think it helped bring a ZEN vibe to the event.



JSW225 said...

No music on the race video? =(

James Douglass said...

I didn't think there was enough flowing action to justify a musical soundtrack. I'll have to get another wavesailing session or something on film to make another music video.