Saturday, June 9, 2012

New Windsurfing Video + ECWF

I'm at the Holiday Inn in Ronkonkoma, NY, lying on the bed in my salty swimsuit and wondering if the sun I got today is going to turn to tan or burn. It was Day 1 of the East Coast Windsurfing Festival at Hecksher State Park. Despite paltry winds and some sprinkles, we had a ton of fun and held multiple rounds of windsurf racing and freestyle, plus SUP racing and a board toss. I used my Angulo 10'4" Surfa SUP for everything (except the board toss- everyone used New England Windsurfing Journal editor Peter's old Tiga for that). For the windsurfing parts I used an 8.0 sail and put a center fin on the SUP in the extra finbox that Josh Angulo helped me install this spring. I also removed the SUP's thruster fins to reduce drag. It seemed to work OK, because I was able to keep up with the real racing longboards on the downwind parts, and at at least keep up with the slower beginner boards upwind and reaching.

It was the first windsurf race ever for my travel buddy, Cambridge windsurfer Jonas Shoor. He did alright for his first time, and said he learned a lot. This is Jonas by my van on the Connecticut - Long Island ferry this morning.

The forecast for tomorrow is for more light winds, but we're holding out hope for at least enough to plane a little on our big gear. If conditions are good I'll take some GoPro helmet camera video. In the meantime, here's a video I shot last week of some wavesailing in Nahant. It's not my best work ever, but I think it fits well with the Pixes song I chose.

June 2012 Windsurfing in Nahant from James Douglass on Vimeo.


DaNews said...

ECFW...???...East Central Florida Windsurfing...Freud???

James Douglass said...

Oops! Definitely Freud. ;)

Lady Notorious said...

Wish you guys had had more wind, but it sounded like a great time nonetheless. Congrats on winning the SUP relay! :)