Monday, October 29, 2012

Angulo Paddleboard Stolen - Waaaaaah!

Dang! Some worthless creep sneaked into my driveway in Bonita Springs last night, cut the roof rack straps on my van, and stole the expensive Angulo Surfa 10'4" paddleboard that Josh Angulo and I had painstaking upgraded with a removable center fin for flat water windsurfing.

Have you seen this board? Call the Bonita Springs Sheriff's office 239-477-1840. On the underside is has a "Thruster" triple fin setup, and it also has an extra finbox installed in the middle of the board. The bottom says, "Jesus Loves You" so whoever stole it is going to hell unless they return it to my front yard and repent.

They left the WindSUP 11'8" still sitting on top of the rack (maybe they couldn't lift it) but I can't use that until I get some new tie-down straps. I'm also going to get some of those "Docks Locks" to secure it on the roof rack.


joe windsurfer said...

welcome to Florida ??

Peter lightfoot said...

Bad luck! Hate having gear ripped off!!

wilanz said...

Sorry to hear it. I have dock locks but still don't trust them. I keep under 10' boards in the car or put them away overnight. That's crazy that they left the windSUP.

Ill keep an eye out on the east coast.


Sailboards Miami Water Sports said...
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Sailboards Miami Water Sports said...

Keeping an eye out for you board, here in Miami, hope you get on the water soon.

BLCS said...
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BLCS said...

Wow, that sucks. They probably figured the Angulo was worth more than your minivan :)

I recently had some clowns remove my tiedowns overnite, then re-secure.. but it was obvious. No idea why they didn't steal my SUP or at least the carbon paddle/paddlebag. Lesson learned, I leave the board IN the vehicle now.

Go to a bike shop and get a bike cable and masterlock. At least would make stealing the board more of a hassle for would-be thief.

PS: Didn't Josh Angulo's brother just move to Florida? Maybe he thought it was HIS board...

Morley said...

There's also a great locking system for skeg kayaks that should work on SUPs: the Lasso
Slightly pricey but major deterent.