Saturday, February 15, 2014

Cold Front Windsurfing: Day of and Day After

"Cold front" is kind of a misleading term here in Southwest Florida, since it never gets particularly cold. What it does get is nice and breezy, and, importantly, the breeze comes out of the Northwest so we get onshore wind and sizeable waves. Thursday afternoon was a classic NW wind day at Wiggins Pass, with enough push to get me going on a 4.5 sail and 83 liter board.

Wiggins 2-13-14 from James Douglass on Vimeo.

While the wind itself is exciting, sometimes the day after the cold front is even better. The wind calms down and shifts offshore, eliminating the chaotic chop, but residual swells continue to roll in, making for ideal SUP surfing or light-wind wavesailing. Friday morning delivered those conditions, and brought up to eight SUP surfers at once to Wiggins! I joined them, using my modified Angulo SUP. At first I tried with a sail, but in faltering single-digit winds I just didn't have the power to catch many waves. This was compounded by the fact that I was using my 5.5 sail, since the head strap blew out on my 6.8.

Anybody want a free 6.8 Aerotech Phantom with a needs-replacing head strap?  photo 83f23904-f50d-483f-8d2b-a690c32f586e_zps7a84cc0f.jpg

Paddle power was definitely the call, and I got to catch tons of nice waves and really get the feel for the modified board. I'm happy to report that it does most everything as well as before the step-tail twin-fin addition, and it does some things a little better for my purposes. What it does a little better is cut down the line of the wave, which gives me more speed and more ability to follow the about-to-break part of the wave as it peels to the side. The step tail does release from the water when the board gets going, which probably reduces drag and explains the better speed.

SUP WindSUP 2-14-14 from James Douglass on Vimeo.

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