Friday, February 21, 2014

It PLANES! (The modified windsurf - sup)

Last weekend we had some decent onshore wind in the 15-20 mph range. It would have been good conditions for my 6.8 sail and shortboard, but that sail is currently out of commission. So I had to choose between being jacked on an 8.0 or underpowered on a 5.5. I chose the 5.5 and paired it with my modified 10'4" Angulo Surfa windsup, thinking that combo might help turn the moderate wind and choppy water into something interesting. It ended up being a great session. Here are my observations, followed by a video.

Observation 1: Launching a windsup with no footstraps to grab onto is horribly awkward. I've decided to put a pair of front footstraps on the board to serve as handles, regardless of whether or not they're necessary when sailing.

Update- I did put footstraps on it- just the two front ones, and they work well.
 photo 0304141817_zps101d2cf1.jpg

Observation 2: The board planes! At first I could only plane on the way in to shore, with a little boost from a wave or swell. As the wind built I was able to plane on the way out, as well. Pumping helped with initiating planing, and the overall feel of the board as it got planing was like a really big waveboard. The board goes upwind well when planing and doesn't need to be tilted to windward to do so.

Observation 3: The fins I used (23 cm Drake wave fin and 21 cm Angulo sup fin) seemed like a pretty good match for the 5.5 sail and the conditions. There may be better sizes and types of fin for different conditions, but I'll try to figure that out later.

Observation 4: The board turns fine, and seems to have a more "drivey" type of turning than the "pivoty" type of turning it had before the modification. I didn't do any good jibes because I was timid in my attempts, but I think with practice I'll be able to jibe it nicely.

WindSUP Angulo 2-15-14 from James Douglass on Vimeo.


rod.r said...

Nice job James. You may want to consider a career change :-)

Jeff said...

Very cool and I'll bet very satisfying to pull off but why not just use your 11'8?

James Douglass said...

Rod- At the rate I work on these projects I'd be making about 10 cents an hour, but I still enjoy them.

Jeff- There's nothing wrong with the 11'8", but at 220 liters it's pretty huge. I figured a 10'4" 170 liter windsup would be more sporty and maneuverable when the conditions are such that I don't need all the length and the daggerboard of the 11'8".

rod.r said...

You've turned it unto something more like the Exocet 10' Windsup. Even though I don't paddle it much, and have not taken it into the waves yet, I have been impressed with it as a cross over board. It windsurfs very nicely and jibes way nicer than the Kona. It's also 170 ish litres.