Sunday, April 26, 2015

Don Wagner Formula Board for Sale for $100


I'm selling the Don Wagner formula board that I bought two years ago. You can see the ad I posted on iwindsurf.

The board was basically given to me for $100, so that's what I'm selling it for, although I'm also throwing in a 70 cm fin, so it's a real steal. The only catch is that you have to pick it up from my house in Florida. I won't ship it.

People might be interested in the reasons I'm selling the board, so here they are:

1. The board's wind range and sail range overlap quite a bit with my Exocet Windsup 11'8", which I am keeping. Though the formula planes about 2 knots earlier and is faster and more powerful upwind and downwind when planing, the windsup handles on-off planing conditions with less frustration. This formula board in particular has such a boxy shape and low-volume (albeit very wide) tail that you really notice the all-or-nothing aspect of planing/schlogging. It's a greyhound when planing, a basset hound when not planing.
2. I haven't been windsurfing in barely-maybe-planing conditions much lately since I've been putting more effort into race sup training.
3. It will free up a spot in the shed for an as-yet-undecided possible new board addition.


joe windsurfer said...

wished i lived in Florida. For that price would be a pleasure to try it !! As you say - GIVE AWAY !!

Tony said...

Would you send it to Uruguay?
Seems perfect for Rio de la Plata river!

James Douglass said...

Well, it sure didn't take long to get a bite. The board is now SOLD. :)

@Tony- It would probably be easier to sail it to Uruguay than to ship it there.

Jeff said...

Would the new board you're considering be light wind wave specific?

James Douglass said...

@Jeff- The new board I was considering was another SUP race board, which I did just buy. I still have two light-wind waveboards between the Exocet Windsup 11'8" and the Angulo 10'4", so no room for more of those. Next purchase is going to be a snorkeling vacation weekend with my wife.

joe windsurfer said...

you could @ least have asked $200 :-)

u r too nice :-)

Jeff said...

The vacation purchase sounds like a wise move!