Monday, December 7, 2015

New windsurfing magazine- "Windsurfing NOW"

Over the last several years, ALL the windsurfing magazines in North America went out of business. Even the Canadian ones. I found that very sad and disappointing, but I understood that it was probably hard to make money on a windsurfing magazine when competing for a small number of die-hard windsurfers' attention with a lot of free information on the internet.

Fortunately, one of the former windsurfing magazine editors is starting his own new windsurfing magazine called "Windsurfing NOW". I read the first issue, which they sent out for free. It had an awesome picture on the cover of Dale Cook jumping in the Gorge, and the articles in the magazine were really high quality.

 photo windsurfingnowdog_zps4lchodrd.jpg

Also, call me crazy, but I like the advertisements in windsurfing magazine where you can see all the latest and weirdest boards and sails that the big companies are putting out. For example, Starboard is now making an inflatable windsurf that actually planes. They call it the AirPlane.

Anyway, I just bought a two year subscription (8 big issues) for $50. I think it will be well worth it.

PS- My buddy Alex, the only other regular windsurfer at our local spot of Wiggins Pass State Park, just bought an Exocet WindSUP 10'2 to replace his RRD Wassup 8'5 which had gotten waterlogged. (The 10'2 is a board I have been ogling since I first read about it online but I haven't been able to rationalize buying it myself.) Alex seems to love it so far. I have yet to mooch a ride on it but when I do I'll write a report on it here.

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