Wednesday, October 21, 2009

More of the same, but good

I don't mean for my blog to be PURELY a watersports video dumping ground, but since the wind keeps blowing hard and I'm busy at work when I'm not on the water, I haven't had time to delve into any interesting social commentary or any of the other stuff I sometimes write about. Oh, well.

Today looked lighter than Monday and Tuesday, so I went out on a 106 liter board instead of the 83 I had used previously. Once I was out the wind came up a lot, but I added outhaul to my 5.5 sail and the 106 stayed fairly well behaved. I filmed an awesome jam session with my kiter friend Doug in the big waves and swells around the Fort Pierce Inlet. There was great, golden sunlight illuminating the green waves and whitewater, with an awesome purple-grey squall cloud and a rainbow in the background. At one point I was charging at a breaking wave and pinched upwind to avoid the whitewater, which accidentally initiated a super cool back-loop type thing where I got totally upside down and the board went nose first into the water. I didn't sail away from it, but it was fun, so I'm curious to maybe try some more. Especially since when I got to the beach I realized my camera batteries were dead and I hadn't filmed ANY of that cool stuff. Doh!

So all I have to show is some grey skies video from Tuesday. I organized it into four chapters / themes: 1) carving, 2) wave-assisted jibes, 3) kiters jumping, and 4) me jumping. Hope you enjoy.


Van said...

Wow, great song choice!

James Douglass said...

Van- Lol, it was a pretty easy choice. :)

Morley said...

Nice little vid. Hey, I'll be in Miami from Nov 3-13. Glad the wind has started to show up; but are those full steamer wetsuits I'm seeing? I was thinking boardshorts and rashie with a shorty for the cool days.

Any recommendations for kite lessons? Kitehouse has moved their Miami school to the Caribbean.

Morley said...

Oh, never mind the recommendation, I just Google Earth'd Fort Pierce. Thought it was by Key West for some reason (maybe an earlier post from a university outstation?)

Dave Zajicek said...

Nice videos, great to view on non-windy days... like this weekend. Do these cameras float? I keep meaning to check. I promise, you will see me at the inlet. Although daylight savings ends soon so it will have to be a weekend session. It was nice to get the synchro dialed in some.

James Douglass said...

Morley- The first day of the freak cold front last week I wore a short-sleeve long-leg wetsuit. The next day I just wore an insulated surf shirt with my trunks. Since then it's been just trunks. You'll probably just be in trunks or a shorty in Miami. I don't know much about kite lessons in Miami, but you might try googling "liquid surf and sail" for the store there.

Hi Dave- The camera floats when it's in the headband thing, but I also strapped a floaty key chain to it for good measure. Next time it's 6.0 or better, come on out to FP and sail the syncro, for sure!