Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Yep, still windy in Fort Pierce

This weekend I went to a bluegrass music festival in Live Oak, Florida, near the border with Georgia. (I'll write about that later when I sort the pictures.) Apparently it wasn't windy while I was gone, but the breeze welcomed me back and I got nice after-work kiteboarding and windsurfing sessions on Monday and today. Today I went to the State Park on the North side of Fort Pierce Inlet, where the waves were interesting. (See end of the second video.)

Monday's kiteboarding -

Today's windsurfing -

Here's some stills from today -


clyde said...

You're ready for the Florida Wave Challenge http://www.floridawavechallenge.com/

James Douglass said...

I suppose I could at least make the talented wavesailors' victories more meaningful by providing some contrast.

clyde said...

Right on