Sunday, February 13, 2011

Another Valentines Day, Another Dollar

If you remember from a few posts back, is my "brilliant" invention to turn your monitor into a flattering mood lamp for Skype chats. Well, in honor of Valentine's Day, I have added a special, romantic addition to lightyourface. If you go to and scroll down a bit, you will see a humongous, pink heart come into view. That luminous heart will bathe your visage in a light so seductive that whomever you are talking to in your video chat window will be overwhelmed with lust! Use with caution.


PS- I've made almost two bucks so far from the ads on lightyourface, and about sixteen bucks from the ads on my blog. If I can get it to the point where lightyourface is really popular, so the money-making ratio reverses, then I'll take the ads off my blog.


Johnny Douglass said...

They must not pay post docs enough.

PeconicPuffin said...

best luck to you. Personally I found looking at ads on my own blog to be such a buzz kill that I took them down after a week.

Anyhow, good luck!

James Douglass said...

Dad- Eh, I can't really complain. It's a lot better than being a grad student was.

Puffmeister- Thanks. Let me know if you see any ads appearing that you think I would be ideologically opposed to, because if I know the address they link to I can put them on my "forbidden" list.